Youth for new roads
La Nación - Héctor Coda

Those who took a commendable artistic task facing version of the Creole Quartet No. 1 for strings Luis Gianneo...
With impeccable tuning and adjustment, the Quartet showed a degree of conviction and insight treble,
There were dynamic equilibrium, cleanliness in the articulation of the violins, viola and beautiful sonority in the cello sound quality, but also exhibition agility in the fast counterpoints of the final verses...


Luis Gianneo string quartets
El Día- Eduardo Giorello

Balance and subtlety in the concatenation of the four voices, the dynamics and the spirituality of the works are exposed in a way consistent with the intentions of the author.


Wonders of Cuarteto Gianneo
La Nación-Héctor Coda

... it was enough to listen to these exceptional performers to aware of its rich and refined sensitivity coupled with a substantial quality without preconceptions, marked by an intrinsic beauty.
So could see the two quartets of Szymanowski were poured with exemplary adjustment, precise articulation and expression;


Quality of the Cuarteto Gianneo
La Prensa- Carlos E. Ure

It was decidedly upscale recital that starred the Cuarteto Gianneo...
With a sound away from any roughness, finish sense of the Assembly, and exact tuning individual and group Cuarteto Gianneo wore balance and fluidity of language...


A world of sensations
ÁmbitoFinanciero-Margarita Pollini

String Assembly offered a version of the Quartet of Guastavino a version of subtle, intense and accurate, crowned with height the execution of the Quartet No. 1 by Johannes Brahms.